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  • Emergency Medical Insurance for Parents

    In an emergency, visitors to Canada are covered by our visitors insurance plans. Therefore, they will not have to pay out of pocket if an emergency arises or medical attention is more

  • Insurance for Diabetic Patients Who Travel On A Super Visa

    Regardless of how far, you won't have any trouble travelling if you follow a few simple tips before packing for Canada. Proper preparation frees you from all hassle and makes your trip more more

  • Visitors Insurance Ottawa

    Planning a trip outside of your home country necessitates a great deal of time and effort. If you’re planning a trip to the United States, make sure to include visitor insurance on your itinerary. As a result, it is essential to have international travel insurance to meet your healthcare needs in a foreign country for the short more

  • Supervisa insurance hamilton

    As a parent, are you planning a trip across the border so that you can spend time with the children you’ve raised? To attend the wedding of your grandchildren as a grandparent, or are you already there? Canadian government ensures that you as a parent or grandparent avoid the hassle and complications of a regular visit visa by more

  • Super Visa Insurance Canada

    Each insurance company is unique in terms of offerings. Also, the cost of super visa insurance is not the same with all companies. Some companies have basic plans with no coverage of pre-existing conditions or comprehensive more

  • Why do Supervisa Insurance’s monthly plans have such popularity?

    The Canada Supervisa program allows Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada to invite their parents and grandparents to stay in Canada on a multi-entry visa (known as Canada Supervisa) for up to two years. Many Canadians and permanent residents of Canada have gained benefits through this more

  • Visitors Must Have Medical Insurance. Why?

    You’ve applied for the Super Visa, and aside from the proof of the necessary minimum income and letter of sponsorship, you’re wondering why medical insurance is important. This article can more

  • How much will Super Visa insurance Cost?

    Ins and out for Supervisa Insurance Canada’s government requires that you prove you purchased Canadian medical insurance if you’re applying for the new Parent and Grandparent Super Visa. Canada’s national health care program does not cover parents and more

  • Visitors To Canada Policy Features & Benefits

    Relax on your next visit to Canada with our famous Visitors to Canada Emergency medical insurance plans. With medical cover during your trip for up to $1,000,000 for emergency medical expenses and 24/7 emergency more

  • How is Supervisa Program helping Canadian Family to reunite?

    Thanks to the Supervisa program, it’s possible for parents to visit Canada to stay with family for an extended duration. To apply for a supervisa, you must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. You need to be a good citizen of your country of origin, and you must not be restricted from entering more

  • RESP - With children, there are a thousand reasons to hope.

    Registered education savings plans, commonly known as RESPs, are the best financial vehicles for saving for a beneficiary‘s post-secondary education. As with RRSPs, the Federal Government lets you accumulate investment income on a tax-sheltered basis until you withdraw the funds from your plan. In short, RESPs are what RRSPs are to retirement! more

  • TFSA-tax free saving account-canada

    Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), first introduced by the Canadian Government in 2009, provides an option for non-taxable savings accounts. My opinion is that this would be an excellent option for people of all ages and income levels. There’s no matter what your income is, avoiding income taxes should be everyone‘s more

  • Visitor Insurance for Canada-How to choose the right plan

    Traveling to Canada for the very first time can bring a lot of challenges for you deal with. For newcomers, it is not easy to get comfortable to traffic and other conditions over here. This inability to comprehend the right way of traveling in Canada can more