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Emergency Medical Insurance for Parents

Is Emergency Medical Insurance Required for Parents or Visitors to Canada?

In an emergency, visitors to Canada are covered by our visitor's insurance plans. Therefore, they will not have to pay out of pocket if an emergency arises or medical attention is required.

Visiting our beautiful country and spending time with family and friends is worry-free with our insurance plans. Our insurance plans also cover travelling to other provinces and even the United States. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like more information.

With Insure In Canada, you will receive the most competitive internet rates, good customer service, and support to back up your visitors' insurance.

What are the benefits of medical insurance for Canadian visitors?

The insurance plans we offer are from reputable Canadian insurance companies such as Manulife, Destination Canada, Secure Travel, GMS, Blue Cross, Travelance and many more.

Our Emergency medical plans provide peace of mind and help reduce your stress if an accident or medical emergency arises.

Why choose Insure In Canada?

The insurance partners we work with are all renowned Canadian insurers, some of whom have no deductibles and some of which have deductibles at a discount.

Providing excellent customer service is something we pride ourselves on. Call or email us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Find out how much medical insurance you need

How does it work?

Our medical insurance policies cover hospitalization fees and professional fees for nurses and physicians. Additionally, you are covered for emergency dental work resulting from an accident, emergency home delivery via air ambulance or commercial flight with medical assistance, and accommodation and meals if your return is delayed due to a medical emergency.

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