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Emergency Medical Insurance

Emergency medical insurance for parents - Are you planning to travel to Canada to meet your children? Well, we always pray that it should be a safe and enjoyable journey. Because unexpected illnesses or problems can happen anytime anywhere. Therefore, make sure that you have got travel medical travel insurance. Being a leading and Professional Financial Advisor, I Pankaj Bhatia, want every visitor to Canada to have peace of mind during their stay. Visit Canada to meet your family worry-free knowing you have emergency medical coverage will protect you if you need any kind of medical assistance.

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Who qualifies for this plan?

An individual can qualify for super visa health insurance for their Parent if –

  • They are currently in a good health.
  • They are not eligible for benefits under a Canadian Provincial Government healthcare plan.

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Why do we need to visitors to canada insurance ?

When you visit Canada, at that time your country’s origin health care plans might not travel with you and Health care charges in Canada can be costlier if you are not covered under your medical insurance plan. However, travel insurance from Canadian Companies can help you to stay protected during your stay in Canada.


  • Emergency medical care is up to $150,000. If your age is under 70, and up to $10000 if your age is 70 or more.
  • It covers your health and accidental insurance plan
  • It covers your trips outside of Canada when the majority of stay in Canada.
  • This policy allows you to visit your country of origin and this policy will resume if you return to Canada again.
  • The applicant has to be a parent or a grandparent of a Canadian citizen.
  • He has medical coverage of 1 lakh Canadian dollar minimum issued from a Canadian insurance company
  • Applicant needs to show a letter of approval from his child who invites which shows the Child’s promise of offering financial support and he has to show a copy of his passport or citizenship.
  • The applicant has to show a receipt that he paid his insurance fully.

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