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Visitors to Canada Insurance

Emergency medical insurance helps save you from the sudden stress created by a medical emergency and, most importantly, bills from the medical service provider. Don’t risk your savings; always consider Emergency medical insurance for visitors to Canada. We can help find the best and affordable rates for your visitors. Give us a call to run your quote using our rate calculator.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

What are Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance?

Visitor’s Emergency Medical Insurance is emergency medical insurance for Visitors to Canada or temporary residents of Canada.

-Newcomers/New immigrants to Canada

-People visiting for business purposes

-Work permit holders

-Parents and relatives who are visiting Canada for a short period. Mind you, this coverage is not valid for Super visa holders.

Why are Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance important for visitors to Canada?

All temporary residents/visitors to Canada are not covered under the Canadian universal health care system. Emergency medical treatment can be costly. Our emergency medical insurance plans provide emergency medical benefits to policyholders for sudden and unforeseen events.

Who is eligible to purchase this insurance?

Our emergency medical insurance plans are available for all visitors to Canada, new Immigrants to Canada, and those who are not eligible for any Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan. Our plans are available to individuals over 14 days old and under 89 years of age during their entire coverage period.

What is the family rate under Visitors Medical insurance?

The family rate applies to a single adult or couple travelling with at least one unmarried dependent* child or grandchild who is:

  1. 21 year or under
  2. up to 26 years of age if a full-time student or
  3. Child of any age who is mentally or physically less able (with a diagnosis).