Visitors Insurance

What are Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance?

Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance is emergency medical insurance for guests to Canada, Newcomers/New immigrants to Canada.

Why are Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance important for visitors to Canada?

All temporary visitors to Canada will not be cover under the Canadian universal health care system. Emergency medical treatment can be costly. Our emergency medical insurance plans provide emergency medical benefits to policyholders for sudden and unforeseen events.

Who is eligible to purchase this insurance?

Our emergency medical insurance plans are available for visitors to Canada, newcomers to Canada, and those who are not eligible for any Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government health insurance plan. Our plans are available to individuals over 14 days old and 89 years of age during their entire coverage period.

What is the family rate?

The family rate applies to a single adult or couple traveling with at least one unmarried dependent child or grandchild who is:

  1. 21 year or under
  2. 26 years of age if a full-time student; or
  3. Any age who is mentally or physically handicapped.

A Visitor’s Insurance Key Factor

  • Request a free, no-obligation quote
  • 100% refund in case of refusal of visa
  • We work with most major insurance providers.
  • Preexisting conditions are covered
  • Early returns are subject to a partial refund
  • A short trip to the USA is covered
  • Follow-up visits are covered
  • Accommodations in semi-private hospitals are covered
  • Medical coverage in case of emergency
  • Various options for deductibles to choose from
  • Easy claims process

What Are the Benefits of Visitor Insurance?

Most travels are filled with joy, fun, and unforgettable memories, but occasionally unexpected events occur while travelling, which may negatively impact. It is essential to purchasing visitor insurance to cover unexpected illness or injury. Purchasing visitor insurance is not mandatory, but it will help you enjoy your visit with friends and family as well as being safe. If you or a member of your family requires emergency medical care, make sure you can afford it. Having no health coverage can cost you a lot of money if you fall ill or are injured. Our plans ensure that you are taken care of in case of an accident or medical emergency.

Visitors insurance is recommended for whom?

  • Visitors to Canada on a visitor visa
  • First 90 days of insurance coverage for new immigrants
  • Working in Canada on a work permit
  • Students coming to Canada on student visas