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Visitors visa insurance Canada

Newly arrived immigrants can face as many challenges as they do excitement. The Visitors to Canada Travel Plan offered by brokerage ensures a worry-free stay for visitors to Canada.

International visitors entering Canada for pleasure or business, international students or foreign workers seeking permanent or semi-permanent residence are covered under our Visitors to Canada Travel plan against the high cost of emergency medical care. The coverage becomes effective the day you arrive in Canada if it is purchased before your arrival. The plan may also be purchased within 30 days of arrival, with coverage beginning 48-72 hours after the application date.

Plan Highlights

Hospitalization, Medical and Paramedical Expenses
  • Hospitalization: Hospitalization expenses for the ward accommodation or Semi-private. Private accommodation is not covered.
  • Physician fees: A cost of attending a physician is covered up to the coverage amount.
  • Medical appliances: Crutches, canes, splints, wheelchairs, orthopedic corsets and other medical equipment purchased or rented as prescribed by a physician.
  • Registered nurse: The cost of nursing care a registered nurse (other than a relative) while in the hospital or when medically necessary and prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Diagnostic services: Services such as laboratory tests and x-rays prescribed by a doctor.
  • Drugs (in emergencies): Medications for which a prescription is required, except when needed for the treatment of chronic conditions.
  • Accidental Dental Care: The fees charged by dental surgeons for treatment necessitated by external injury (not deliberate introduction of food or object into the mouth), only for damage to natural and healthy teeth, or to reduce fractures and dislocations of the jaw.
Transportation Expenses

The following services must be approved and planned by claim management companies.

  • Ambulance service: The cost of an ambulance, ground or air, is covered.
  • Repatriation to the residence: Covers the costs of returning to your country to receive immediate medical attention, following the physician's authorization and the claim management company.
  • Return of the vehicle: If you cannot return your vehicle due to illness or accident, we will cover the cost of having it returned by a commercial agency or any person authorized by the claim management company to your residence or the nearest appropriate vehicle rental agency.
  • Return of the deceased: The plan pays up to $5,000-15,000 for the preparation and transportation of the deceased to the place of residence (excluding the coffin cost) or up to $3,000-$5,000 for cremation or burial at the place of death.
  • Subsistence allowance: If an insured person's return is delayed due to sickness or bodily injury to himself or an accompanying Member of his immediate family or travelling companion, up to $1,000 ($100 per day for a maximum of 10 days) will be paid for the cost of accommodation and meals in a commercial establishment.


When you move to a new country, you have a lot to learn about health care. We want to make it easy for you during your time in Canada and ensure your health and your family are taken care of. Our website offers several options to choose from based on your specific needs.


We do provide you with high-quality service and coverage that fits your needs. We provide:

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A Visitor’s Insurance Key Factor

  • Request a free, no-obligation quote
  • 100% refund in case of refusal of visa
  • We work with most major insurance providers.
  • Preexisting conditions are covered
  • Early returns are subject to a partial refund
  • A short trip to the USA is covered
  • Follow-up visits are covered
  • Accommodations in semi-private hospitals are covered
  • Medical coverage in case of emergency
  • Various options for deductibles to choose from
  • Easy claims process

What Are the Benefits of Visitor Insurance?

Most travels are filled with joy, fun, and unforgettable memories, but occasionally unexpected events occur while travelling, which may negatively impact. It is essential to purchasing visitor insurance to cover unexpected illness or injury. Purchasing visitor insurance is not mandatory, but it will help you enjoy your visit with friends and family as well as being safe. If you or a member of your family requires emergency medical care, make sure you can afford it. Having no health coverage can cost you a lot of money if you fall ill or are injured. Our plans ensure that you are taken care of in case of an accident or medical emergency.

Visitors insurance is recommended for whom?

  • Visitors to Canada on a visitor visa
  • First 90 days of insurance coverage for new immigrants
  • Working in Canada on a work permit
  • Students coming to Canada on student visas

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance is emergency medical insurance for guests to Canada, Newcomers/New immigrants to Canada.

All temporary visitors to Canada will not be cover under the Canadian universal health care system. Emergency medical treatment can be costly. Our emergency medical insurance plans provide emergency medical benefits to policyholders for sudden and unforeseen events.

Our emergency medical insurance plans are available for visitors to Canada, newcomers to Canada, and those who are not eligible for any Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government health insurance plan. Our plans are available to individuals over 14 days old and 89 years of age during their entire coverage period.

The family rate applies to a single adult or couple traveling with at least one unmarried dependent child or grandchild who is:

  • 21 year or under
  • 26 years of age if a full-time student; or
  • Any age who is mentally or physically handicapped.
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