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Travel Insurance

Our Key Points for Travel Insurance

  • Instant policy within 2 minutes in your mailbox
  • Covers flight cancellations, delays and sudden change in plans
  • Pre-existing diseases covered at no extra cost
  • Covers for Baggage and Passport loss
  • Personal Accident and Personal Liability covered
  • Quick claim settlement with cashless options

Travel Insurance for Canadian

In worldwide survey it has been found that Canadians travels more. Now many companies are offering travel insurance for Canadians. It is very necessary to take travel insurance plan because without insurance plan can turn into financial ruin. It is advised to Canadian to take insurance plan before travelling by the department of foreign affairs. If you have not take any plan and unfortunately things go wrong then person can personally liable for all the medical expenses in other country. It leads to the mentally and financially stress as well.

If you are Canadian then for sure your relatives will be live in far off countries like USA. Then usually you need to travel. So it is beneficial to opt travel insurance plan to protect from the financial crisis. If you are out of country and you are get injured then it becomes very difficult to bear the cost of medical expenses in other country. Having travel insurance policy is the most important part of proper travel planning.

Before purchasing any plan it is very important to be familiar with the basic travel insurance plans. It helps you to choose the best plan with maximum coverage at lowest price.

Why Travel Insurance

There are many cases in which Canadian families become helpless to sell their homes just to bring their loved ones to back. This happened because they failed to buy travel insurance. Still some people voyage without having any travel insurance plan.

If you are thinking to travel worldwide then it is advisable to take worldwide travel insurance plan. Medical expenses are very high in other countries. If you are planning to get visa to visit some countries worldwide then these countries force you to take travel insurance plan before granting travel visa. In some countries it is not necessary to take travel insurance plan still if you are taking any travel insurance plan then it will be a wise decision to protect yourself from unseen emergencies. In developed countries as compare to developing countries medical expenses are high.

Canadian Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policy helps you to cover your financial strain and health emergencies that occur during your travel. This plan helps the insurer to get reimbursement or permit to select the desired hospital.

Facilities depend on the plan you choose like partial or full coverage. While selecting any travel insurance plan compare the prices, coverage and the benefits. On the time of purchasing clear each and everything with your consultant like what is covered and what is not.

Types of Travel Insurance plan

  1. Single trip plan
  2. Annual plan
  3. Non-medical coverage
  4. Trip cancellation plan
  5. Holiday packages

Inform about treatment to your company

In case you have any treatment while travelling then it is important to inform your travel insurance company about it within 24 hours otherwise claiming amount get reduced. While selecting any plan if you have any confusion or doubt it is better to clear it at the same time with advisor so that later on it won’t create any confusion.

The selection of plan depends on the location or place you are visiting. Every place associates different risk. So choose the plan accordingly.

At Insure in Canada we have the best travel insurance plan for Canadians. Our team of advisors clears each and every point of the policy with their clients. It is the time to travel more.