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Insurance for Diabetic Patients Who Travel On A Super Visa

Regardless of how far, you won't have any trouble travelling if you follow a few simple tips before packing for Canada. Proper preparation frees you from all hassle and makes your trip more enjoyable. You are free from any worries, but you are also mindful of any obligations that might arise. If you wish to depart on a Super Visa, you must apply for the medical insurance included in this category. Moreover, you must provide proof of the medical insurance which you will purchase from the Canadian insurance firm upon arrival for review by the officers.

Before Preparing For Your Travel, You Need To Keep The Following Tips In Mind

  1. You may experience biological effects from a sudden change in your environment and diet. Depending on the zone you are travelling to, your body will likely need some time to adjust to the environment.
  2. You must consult your doctor before travelling, since you may have to walk long distances. Increased physical activity may adversely affect you.
  3. Maintaining good hygiene is essential. Handwashing is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy.
  4. You should never go barefoot on beaches and places you have visited previously.
  5. Make sure you keep track of your immunity and if you're allergic to certain substances.

We deal with many insurance companies that provide coverage for parents who have diabetes. As long as your medications are the same from 90 days to 180 days before you arrive in Canada, you will be getting the Supervisa insurance. It may cost a little extra to cover the pre-existing conditions.

Supervisa insurance premium can be paid by Annual or on easy monthly payments. Today, we have dealt with five or more companies that the right plan for you.

Supervisa insurance usually offers the following benefits and the benefit limit may differ based on the company. Please use our plan benefit comparisons tool to educate yourselves or give us a call.

  • Companion Discount (Upto 5%)
  • Covid-19 coverage
  • Emergency Hospitalization
  • Repatriation Coverage
  • Prescriptions Drugs
  • Dental emergency coverage
  • Return of deceased
  • Walk-in clinic visits
  • 100% refund if visa denied
  • Diagnostics, lab tests and/or x-ray
  • Emergency Return home
  • Follow-up visits
  • Meals & Accommodation
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Our plan compares unique features and makes us stand different in the market. Many options confuse you, and we are aware of it. To help you make the right decision, the plan comparisons could be beneficial.

The deductible can reduce the Supervisa quotes by 45%. Deductible discounts will be applied to the premium if you choose to take it. in simple terms, the deductibles mean sharing the risk with the Supervisa insurance company. Upon claim, you are responsible for the deductible portion before the insurance company pays anything. You are the first payor for any emergency medical claim. Anywhere under $1000 deductible is most common to consider for Supervisa Insurance. Deductible discounts are as below Call Us Today: (647) 640-2222

  • $100 Deductible will get you a 5% discount
  • $250 Deductible will get you a 10% Discount
  • $500 Deductible will get you a 15% discount
  • $1000 deductible will get you a 20% discount
  • $10,000 deductible will get you up to a 45% discount

Anything over a $1000 deductible is not recommended because it doesn't look reasonable.

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