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Super Visa Insurance Canada

What does super visa insurance cost?

Each insurance company is unique in terms of offerings. Also, the cost of super visa insurance is not the same with all companies. Some companies have basic plans with no coverage of pre-existing conditions or comprehensive plans. One must pay close attention to the exclusions and eligibility section at the time of purchase. We highly recommend that you are fully confident about your purchase before buying any policy online (on any site, including this one). You have evidently understood the policy wording booklet.

Determine the cost of Super Visa insurance by the succeeding:

Step 1 Getting a quote.

It is imperative that All Super Visa insurance policies meet the minimum requirements set by the Canadian Government. Generally speaking, the following benefits are part of the plan booklet; health care, hospitalization, repatriation, type and coverage levels, etc. Every insurance company proposes benefit details in the policy wording booklet like Coverage amount for Drugs, Professional services, follow-up visits etc. The plan’s cost varies based on offered benefits and claim experience of an insurance company and managing profitability with other factors including but not limited to policy reserves, sales etc.

Step 2 Comparing benefits.

Once you have put your age, amount, travelling dates and coverage for pre-existing condition choice, the calculator gives you rates for a maximum of 7 companies with all benefit and policy details specified on the side. Re-assess the deductible options, benefit amount and other information prior to concluding.

Step 3 Verifying the specifics and taking the leap.

When you are thoroughly satisfied, you click the buy button, and you are directed to secure the insurance company’s site to make your purchase. On the insurance company portal, an inquiry about all the details like Name, DOB, travelling dates, health questions are introduced according to eligibility criteria, selection of product, address in Canada, sponsor and beneficiary specification, and contact information. Ultimately, you make a secured online purchase using a credit card.


Price counts, but not at the cost of valuable benefits. When buying Super Visa insurance, be careful about selecting the proper plan for you.

The most crucial step while applying under the super visa program is to buy the right amount of coverage as stipulated by Canadian Immigration. Everyone wants to buy the cheapest available coverage with maximum benefits.

Many companies in the public domain offer Super Visa insurance. Still, appropriate care must be taken in interpreting the coverage benefits, exclusions, eligibility queries, pre-existing coverage, supplementary benefits, claim process and refund etc., to name a few.

One must read the benefits booklet to understand the coverage details completely. Many people exclusively shop for rates and pay little or no attention to coverage or commodity details. Please be advised that the Super Visa insurance product is not universal; every insurance company has its own coverage details and, if not selected accurately, can cost much more than expectations.

Do companies provide Super Visa Insurance plans on a monthly period?

We offer Super Visa Insurance per month plans from two companies:

  • 21st Century Travel Insurance and Travel Shield.
  • Our licensed advisors will help you to compare the plans and offer a commendable policy as per your needs.
  • Typically, The Super Visa Insurance policy premiums are paid forthright for one full year 365 days, but some insurance companies offer Super Visa Insurance monthly plans.
  • Under the monthly plan, the applicant pays the first two months’ premium upfront with administration cost, which is generally up to $50. The policy gets issued, and the candidate can apply for Super Visa.
  • The Super Visa insurance policy will commence from the day the applicant lands in Canada, and then premiums will be paid every month. The insurance company has received two months’ compensation in advance, and the rest of the payments are spread over ten months. The minimum reserved premium is two months, which is non-refundable.
  • The premiums are guaranteed and are more cost-effective because paying all of the premiums in one shot can be very exasperating for the hopeful applicant.
  • Expressly, the monthly payment plan helps the applicant to manage the cost. However, if your parents or grandparents decided to return early, it is effortless to cancel the policy and get a refund.

How Can I Get Super Visa Insurance Refund and When?

A return on Super Visa insurance can arise due to the following situations:

  • When the visa officer declines the Super Visa application. If the Canadian High Commission refuses the visa, a 100% refund is available before the insurance date.
  • If your parents or grandparents return to their home country and there is no claim, a partial refund is issued after deduction of the admin fees, which is generally $25 to $100 per policy per person. *Some conditions apply as the plans vary from company to company. All candidates must read policy terms and conditions prior to making a purchase.
  • When the Super Visa is issued, but your parents or grandparents resolve not to visit and wish to cancel the policy, the refund can be given to the applicant minus the admin fee, which can go up to $250 per system, per person or more. *Some conditions apply, and the plans vary from company to company. All contenders must read policy terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Stay At Hospitals In Case Of Emergency Can Be Very Costly

The purpose of Super Visa insurance is to cover hospital expenses in case of an emergency. The hospitals across Canada charge different rates in case of emergency. The charges for room, initial consultation, surgery, ambulance services, medical test and diagnostics and cost for procedures vary from hospital to hospital.