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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance, in simple words, is income replacement insurance. No one is prone to injury and sickness. The human body meant to be sick, get injured; that’s how life treats us from childhood until the end of life. Injury and illness are part of our life. These injuries and sickness teach us how to live life, how to be careful, how to protect ourselves, and over loved ones, we all learn from our mistakes or other mistakes.

These disabilities hurt us financially in many ways. We spend money to get recover and compromise our income. Every human has endless potential earnings; few of us utilize to the maximum, and few of us survive an average of below par.

When we have responsibilities, especially family to feed, loans/ Mortgage to pay, pay for child care cost the expenses list can go on. Disability Insurance OR Income protection Insurance will be a safety net for our income.

Disability Insurance plans are available from as little as $10 per month to $500 per month OR more. Premium and qualifications depend on a few parameters like,

  • Your profession,
  • The monthly income you would like to insure
  • Waiting period before the benefit paid to you, Usually, 30 days waiting are industry Standards
  • The number of months the monthly disability benefit paid to you known as the Benefit period.

A White-collar professional, Dentist and Surgeon require a particular disability plan known as Professional Disability.

Reading the Disabilities Definition and knowing the qualification criteria is most challenging when you pick the right plan.

Our Expertise can help you pick the Right Income Guard plan for you and your family.

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