Why Supervisa for parents is the best option?


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Canadians are hardworking and always stay busy with routine work and, as a result, miss their family back that lives back home. We all Canadians and permanent residents of Canada are fortunate and blessed with Supervisa for parents and grandparents’ immigration stream. Canada is the only country in the world that has this program to reunite family members from across the globe with Canadian residents and Citizens. Supervisa becomes one of the easiest and most effective ways for all permanent residents to invite or bring parents and grandparents to Canada for more extended periods each time. Every visit, parents and grandparents are allowed to stay in Canada for up to 24 months without leaving or asking for a stay extension from Canadian immigration. Keeping parents and grandparents close is important for most people who immigrate to Canada in many different streams, and Canada is all about multiculturalism as well as reuniting families.

During Covid, many families are keeping their parents in Canada. They feel happy, healthy and safe during these trying and challenging times. Supervisa requires necessary information such as financial support from the sponsor, which is you as a child of your parents and grandchild of your grandparents. The 2nd most crucial document is the right EMERGENCY MEDICAL INSURANCE from a Canadian Insurance company. Coverage needs to be for Canadian 100,000 or more to cover any unexpected medical risk. Medical care is expensive, and Canadians are not used to paying for these costs because most provincial health plans cover them. Investing in adequate emergency medical insurance for parents and grandparents from a Canadian Insurance company is the only cost to have your parents be near you.

Pankaj Bhatia works hard with insurance providers to get you the best and affordable Supervisa Insurance rates. The online rate calculator portal informs you of companies that offer monthly plans. If you find the monthly plan more reasonable, you can check the plan set up fees. A few companies don’t charge set up costs for monthly plans, and a few companies charge between $50 to $120 plan set up price. All companies require two months premium + setup fee (if any) for the company.

You have an option to cover pre-existing medical conditions as long as they are stable. Any companies that require stability of medical conditions normally require the medical condition to be stable for a minimum of 90, 180 or 365 days. *Please make sure you take the time to read the stability clause from the plan details summary or the plan policy wordings.*

Supervisa Insurance these days is affordable, easily accessible and straightforward to acquire. If you would like to save on cost, you can also consider having a deductible. In many cases, the deductible can prove to be a good option; you can save up to 45% with a deductible.

Not sure how much supervisa Insurance will cost? Why not use our rate calculator? It’s one of the simplest ways to get instant quotes from all major insurance companies. You can read the plan details. Even compare all the companies side by the side to pick the best plan for your parents and grandparents.

If you need further assistance or need more information based on past medical history, please give us a call.