Understanding Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Generally, most insurance companies provide Travel Insurance as package plans that may include flight cancellation, trip delays, lost and delayed baggage and above all medical coverage in emergency situations. There are innumerable Travel Insurance policies available in the market, but the buyer must be aware of what events are covered by a particular policy and what limitations and exclusions are. ‘Pre-existing medical’ condition is one of the most confused term at the time of buying the policy and Visitor Assurance is committed to clear up the ambiguity surrounding the term as far as possible.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditionin simple terms can be defined as any medical condition (physical mental or emotional) which has existed before buying or at the time of buying the Travel Insurance and for which professional medical care has been sought or NOT. Previous manifestation, diagnosis, treatment of the condition is not at all the criterion, if the policy owner/insured is aware of the condition either it is chronic, acute or recurring, it will be treated as pre-existing medical condition.

Buying an insurance policy with pre-existing condition

There is a misunderstanding that people with pre-existing conditions are not eligible for travel or visitor insurance. The fact is that most of the times you can get the insurance. Though, sometimes you may not be covered for your pre-existing medical condition, yet you will be covered for all other unforeseen medical events,so it is always worth buying emergency medical insurance policy. Your peace of mind is what matters NOW.

Understanding Stable & Controlled

This term is often used in your insurance policy and it will be advisable for you to understand the term and what impact it might have at the time of insurance claim. Generally, most insurance companies will cover pre-existing medical conditions if they are stable and controlled for 120 day before the date of departure. To understand the term better please see the example:

Suppose a particular policy has a stability period of 120 days and during that period of 120 days the insured has been treated and diagnosed for hypertension (High Blood Pressure), so this condition will not be covered for the duration of upcoming trip. In nutshell, we can say that insurance companies want us to tell them the purpose of our visit to the doctor, if any, during 120 days prior to our departure date.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition and the cost of Insurance

As has been said earlier that people with pre-existing medical conditions can buy coverage but there are chances that the policy will cost more in comparison to a policy with non-preexisting medical conditions.

The cost will depend on many factors such as severity of the condition, duration of the trip, insured person’s age and the nature of the medical condition.

What if I don’t mention about my pre-existing medical condition

Not a wise thing to do, buying an insurance policy without disclosing the truth will amount to a kind of fraud and the policy will be invalid for the purposes of the claims…actually it will defeat the whole purpose of buying the policy. Be Pro-active, Ask Questions and Then Buy the Emergency Medical Insurance to your Full Satisfaction At Visitor Assurance, our topmost priority is our clients, what is good for them, their peace of mind and their absolute satisfaction. Our advisors are well-versed in their respective fields and always there for you to assist you in mitigating any doubt, if you have any regarding your medical insurance policy. Right insurance plan, tailored to your own needs will definitely fulfill your topmost priority…PEACE OF MIND. For more information on emergency medical insurance in Canada Contact Us